Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

RaceDriver: GRID Demo-Review

The demo for this spectacular game is out since 10.05.2008.
After I downloaded the demo and started the game my G25 Wheel was recognized but not really functional (e.g. gas was on the clutch).
A few days later i found a fix in the codemasters forum.
After that i finally could test the game with Force Feedback and the correct pedal settings.

BMW Team Deutschland (Touring Cars):
The first start was really tricky because the driving helps were shut down and my tires burned the track down :p.
But after the first two corners i startet to feel like sitting in the car and actually drive round the track.
In the first few races i finished only in the 1-10th place. But it really makes fun to drive over the course.
Fast paced Curves and fast gameplay. Really fun to hunt the leader because you are held up or kicked out by the other drivers :(.

Team Orange (Drift):
only Offline:
First time i slided into the first, second and third wall. Not easy to drift fast around the corners for a no0b like me. With the keyboard and driving helps switched on my points lay around 500.000 after a few tries but the G25 with Force Feedback and all helps switched off its really tricky to do the drifting but you feel the wheels spin and getting grip again and also the power from the engine when you pin the accellerator down and the front goes up.
With a little practice you can really show off good in a replay :)

Mustang Challenge (City Circuit):
Power, more Power, Mustang. The city Circuit is really interesting because you cannot seemlessly pin down the gas and corner through the track. Its a fine mix between speed and cornering. places achieved so far: 1-5.
From the start flag on all the cars go crazy before the first corner and do a "Destruction Derby".
Not so funny if you only want to compete with some other real drivers.

My Online Racing Name in the Demo is: bse666.