Samstag, 17. Mai 2008

Some new Games this year...

fabb had found this superb looking freerunning game: Mirror's Edge. It looks to be fun to play and has fast paced gameplay. waiting for it :p
Also here is a Teaser for the Mortal Kombat vs. DC title. "Koming Soon"

Assassins Creed short film

Here you can watch the contest winner movie from Assassins Creed short films.

The movie is really a fine piece of work. I could say the Actors and the Maker are really good trained :)

Freitag, 16. Mai 2008

Visitors increased over the last month

WOW. Over the last month my Visitors have increased and spreaded! thanks.

TwitterTools for Wordpress

found the Twitter Tools for Wordpress.
With this Plugin you are able to twitter the Posts from your blog and vice versa.
find it here.
found from @mrachievement on twitter

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-15

  • @der_Dennis not much things would be more nice then more bandwidth :) only more bandwidth replaces more bandwidth! #

  • checking mails... hmmm 4.49 eur strawberry + vodka :p #

  • updating vista with sp1 over windows update... taking its time :( #

  • do you know what "rm -rf .*" does? :) #

  • sehr geil :) #

  • Service Pack 1 failed to install 3 times ... hmmm ... 2 times because of other packages and now ... dunno #

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checking the Debian manual

In der Debian Anleitung habe ich einen feinen Eintrag gefunden :)

8.7.1 rm -rf .*

The use of wild card file name in command line arguments such as "rm -rf .*" may cause dangerous result, since ".*" expands to include "." and "..".

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008


Here is something for Math-Enthusiasts.
The unsolved Problems in Math.


Endlich war ist die PC-Demo auch da.

Download'ed, install'ed und test'ed.
Nur ein Problem:
Bei meinem Logitech G25 Racing Wheel gabs kein Force Feedback.

Vorhin habe ich nun endlich eine Lösung gefunden.

Das Problem ist wohl die Logitech Software, die ein 2. Wheel bei mir eingetragen hat.
Nach der Löschung dieser beiden HID-USB Devices in der Registry und neuinstallation des Logitech Game Profilers, sowie sehr viel daumengedrücke habe ich dann grad nochmal GRID gestartet und siehe da:
*blickaufdieuhr* omg morgen arbeiten. also testen wohl später!

Im Anhang noch einmal der Tip eines Codemasters Mitarbeiter...