Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2008


Endlich war ist die PC-Demo auch da.

Download'ed, install'ed und test'ed.
Nur ein Problem:
Bei meinem Logitech G25 Racing Wheel gabs kein Force Feedback.

Vorhin habe ich nun endlich eine Lösung gefunden.

Das Problem ist wohl die Logitech Software, die ein 2. Wheel bei mir eingetragen hat.
Nach der Löschung dieser beiden HID-USB Devices in der Registry und neuinstallation des Logitech Game Profilers, sowie sehr viel daumengedrücke habe ich dann grad nochmal GRID gestartet und siehe da:
*blickaufdieuhr* omg morgen arbeiten. also testen wohl später!

Im Anhang noch einmal der Tip eines Codemasters Mitarbeiter...

We've found a workaround (in fact, two) for many of the issues affecting users of Force-Feedback steering wheels.

This should fix both the "No Force-Feedback" issue and the "reversed acceleration axis" issue.

The problem lies in the system registry, and requires either the use of a specific utility, or manual editing.

Firstly, the "easy" way, using the specific utility.
Logitech provide the Logitech Clear Calibration Utility which should strip out the registry entries causing the problems. However, this doesn't seem to work for all people, so below is the manual method.

It does involve manually editing your registry settings, which is not without risk, so this should only be attempted at your own risk, and if you're an experience PC user. If in doubt, back up first.

1) Determine the hardware ID of the wheel:
Open Device Manager and select Human Interface Devices
Right-click the wheel in question and click Properties
Click on the Details tab
Under the Property dropdown, select Hardware IDs
Under Value you can find the hardware IDs, which will look like (but not exactly- these are examples):


2) Unplug the wheel from the USB Socket on the PC.

3) Uninstall the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS)

4) Run regedit

5) Delete the following registry keys which correspond with the hardware ID found in step 1:

EG: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control \MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\DirectInput\VID _046D&PID_CA03
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control \MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\VI D_046D&PID_CA03
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\V ID_046D&PID_CA03

6) Re-install the LGS, making sure you correctly follow the prompts regarding plugging the wheel in. (as in "don't plug it in till it tells you to")

This is an AT YOUR OWN RISK fix. Take very great care when working with the system registry.