Montag, 9. Juli 2007 - Die Quake Seiten

Dies sollte man mal ausprobieren. Merken und ziehen! :p
Neues von der Q3 Rally Front: die Mod hat nun eine neue Website erhalten,
ausserdem is die neue Version 1.3 im anrollen.

Changelog for Q3Rally 1.3
Added custom car Murcielago
Added custom car Viper
Added Down Town Map from OliverV
Added Destruction Map from Myself :-)
Added mapmodels and textures to make all people able to map for Q3Rally.
At V1.3 it is mod and SDK in one package.
Tweaked car physics a bit for making the car less bouncy
Known bug in Demolition Derby Game Type.
If you frag your enemy and shoot at him until the car explode the game fall back to the menu.
This will be fixed in V1.4 (It is a leftover from V1.2)

Quelle: Dank an: Per Thormann - Die Quake Seiten