Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2007

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Update

 Ein Update für ET:QW Änderungen sind hier aufgeführt.

ET:QW Dev Chat Transcripts
QuakeWars Tracker has transcripts from yesterday's Splash Damage IRC chat. The highlights:
The beta will run until the game is done, The game will include an advanced server browser, A map editor will either be available with the release or soon after with the SDK, Bill Brown is responsible for all of ET:QW's music, Some "high profile" mod teams will be helping out with the beta tools, Leagues and clans are providing feedback to make for better competitive play, The developers and production staff check the ET:QW forums daily, In-game ads will hardly use any CPU time at all, firing a single bullet will use more system resources, After a bit more testing "Beta 2" of Quake Wars will be released, Beta 2 will feature the map "Valley", Beta 1 players will retain their keys, but the database will be wiped, An ET:QW demo will eventually be released. Nicknames used in the Beta test cannot be carried over to the retail game, ETQW TV is in the works.