Montag, 16. Oktober 2006


Japan's McDonalds haben 10k MP3-Player gewinnen lassen und nun haben 'se den McSalat.
McDonalds in Japan seem to have got themselves in a bit of a McPickle. As an advertising and obviously revenue generating program, they decided to give away 10,000 mp3 players. Better still, these players were loaded with 10 songs.
Unfortunately the Q&A process was not what it could have been, all of the MP3 players came with an unwelcome guest.

As soon as you connected your free McPlayer to your computer a nasty little piece of computer code scans your hard drive for passwords, credit card numbers, etc.

With lots of McEgg on their face McDonalds have had to set up an emergency response phone number to help the winners remove the McVirus.

Wenn man sich schon so etwas ausdenkt. warum wird dann einfach geschlampt bei der Überprüfung?
Es müssen sich wohl ein paar Leute sehr gefreut haben zu hören das Ihre Bankkonten leer waren (**übertriebene Darstellung**).

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